About Madiba Travel

We have been established in Cape Town for over ten years now. Because of this we know South Africa as the back of our hand, and have good contacts with hotels, drivers, tour guides, and restaurants. Because of this knowledge and these contacts we're able to tailor fit your trip to your wishes and ideas.

Our goal is to give you an unforgettable holiday experience. That's why we not only value terms as personal service and customization, but especially trust and safety are in high regard by Madiba Travel.

How do we do this? Because we are locally based we're able to handle and advise quickly. Madiba Travel is for our clients quickly accessible with the help of WhatsApp, and have direct solutions this is because we have direct communication with hotels and other party's.

We have slept in the beds, tasted the food, met the people, and seen the animals in the wild. After that we went back and did it all again, just to be sure. And we will keep on going back to make sure that what we recommend you is perfect for you.

Madiba's roots

The name 'Madiba' originates from a tribe where former president and hero of the people Nelson Mandela comes from. In South Africa every Xhose is affiliated with a tribe where the origin goes back to a certain tribe leader. Calling somebody by the name of their tribe is a sign of respect.

Our logo, the Springbok, is the national animal of South Africa, its also the name of the South African national Rugby team; the Springbok's

About the team

Marieke Uphoff arrived in South Africa for the first time in 2006. She was so impressed that she kept on coming back in the years to follow. Marieke had already been working for years at a travel agency in the Netherlands, but when she got an opportunity to work from Cape Town she didn't hesitate. The bags were packed and she left with her husband Vincent to Cape Town. After a few years, they were blessed with a little daughter, Josephien. Now she is our safari-expert and knows all the kid-friendly places, the best restaurants "in town", and the most beautiful cultural sights in and around South Africa.

Paul Langeveld is a partner of Madiba Travel and an Africa fanatic. He has been living and working for more than ten years with his wife and two kids in the West Cape. With his many travels, Paul knows the beauty of the southern part of Africa. On the bike through Namibië, camping the Okavango Delta, hiking in the northern part of the Kruger Park: Paul has been everywhere, seen it all, and done it all. When the old man has time, he likes to play golf on one of the many awesome golf courses in the Western Cape, and has experience in organizing and compiling beautiful golf trips on the best golf courses in South Africa.

Marc Schoon founded Madiba Travel in 2007. Marc arrived in South Africa for the first time in 1999. He was invited to play rugby in Knysna, an idyllic village on the Garden Route. In 2000 he returned to Cape Town to finish his thesis for his study in history at the University of Leiden. After years of going back and forward between Holland and South Africa, he finally settled in 2009 in Cape Town. He is very involved with the foundation Friends of Kurland and other community initiatives in the Western Cape. Doing good is an important motive for him consequently, this is why it is one of our core values.