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The story behind Ubuntu at Kurland Village

UBUNTU – means I am because you are!
Jasmine, our colleague from Kurland Village, wrote this story about Ubuntu. Ubuntu is the shop in Kurland Village where the local women are making and selling quality hand crafted bedding, table linen, cushions, throws, accessories and the homeware. Read their story below.


Today we like to put Ubuntu in the spotlight, or rather the three ladies who are single-handedly running this business! Let me introduce them: Leonie, who is currently head of the business makes sure that everything runs smoothly. Matilda (my mother) is a killer seamstress who sews every piece of fabric to finest perfection. And then we have Hester, the lady with the magical hands! She paints every piece of Africa! Together they make a killer combination!

Ubuntu is the first shop situated on your right hand side as you take the road to Monkeyland, in Kurland Village! The one where the grass is always neatly mowed J (Thank you Pieter van Rensburg). You could and should not have missed them, but if you did ….. don’t worry they are still standing and waiting for you to visit them!

Through a love of textiles 30 women started a co-operative in 2008. After a few years only seven women remained. At the moment 3 previously unemployed women now enjoy ownership of the building.

Ubuntu is a business specializing in the making of quality hand crafted bedding, table linen, cushions, throws, accessories and the homeware. The co-operative is just outside Plettenberg bay, in The Crags (Kurland Village). Everything in the shop is hand-made by these three ladies. The vision these women share is to help women in the community who are currently unemployed and becoming a source of income to them and their families.

These were the exact words of one of the ladies:
“I would like it if women from the village can come here and get skills. I want us to be able to uplift people from my community. It is very hard because we are struggling financially, but I want to make use of this opportunity to take care of my family and make a living out of this. I want to see this business grow to its full potential.

These women work very hard every day to provide for their families, but they are struggling. The foundation is currently helping them with n R1000 per month to help pay for their electricity. Right now they are hoping to get finance, for material in order to produce. Also they would love to renovate the inside and outside of the building. Any source of help would be highly appreciated.

Make sure to when you are in the Village side to pop in and find one of Ubuntu’s awesome goods, to take home as a gift.

Dalene Thys – The woman behind the Food for Waste Project!

Food for waste is a small organization started by a permanent resident from Kurland Village, Dalene Thys. She is a single mother and currently stays with her father, daughter and 9year old grandson. Dalene has big aspirations in life, such as making a success of her organization.


Dalene started this organization about a year ago. The main part of her job description is, she collects “waste”, recyclable items from residents of the village, and in return provides them with food, clothes, school needs, toys and at times even a little sweet thing for the kids. These products are donated to Dalene by various companies nearby.

Friend of Kurland are also one of Dalene’s sponsors. In a recent post on her Facebook account, she sent out an appreciation post to all of her loyal sponsors. Included was our very own Pieter van Rensburg.

Dalene is doing great and her business is growing, it grew so much that she is able to employ even a few residents of the village. One of Dalene’s long term goals are opening a computer centre and even a farm. This girl has big dreams!! With her kind of attitude and motivated spirit, she will pursue her goals. With the help of Dalene’s loyal sponsors she is doing very well.

If you would like to know more about Dalene’s project please follow her on Facebook: @Crags Recycling Project.

Check this article, for more information about this amazing project:

12 April 2016

Meet Joyce Ghall, the driving force behind our Soupkitchen

Joyce Ghall is the driving force behind our Soupkitchen in the Jaguars Rugby Club House. Jasmine asked 5 questions to her in a short ‘personal’ interview.


Joyce on the left, Jasmine on the right


I am Joyce Ghall and lived in Kurland Village my whole life. I have three children, one daughter and two sons. My youngest spends most of his time with me at the soup kitchen. I am only 50 years old, but I feel younger every day . . . that is what you get if you spend every day with all these youngsters.


Serving my community!! I dedicate my life to serving these kids who are in need of a warm meal. I prepare a lunch for them, 5 days a week.


I usually open the soup kitchen at 11am and start preparing the food. Most of the days I would call Pieter and discuss what we need to prepare the lunches for the children. Pieter would buy and deliver the ingredients and I will start preparing the lunch in the Soup kitchen. I usually serve about 40 kids every day at lunch.


We started with the soup kitchen around the end of 2012, and I have been running it ever since. I have been away for some time, but now I am back. The soup kitchen is evolving and number of attendance is growing. I would like to run the soup kitchen for as long as I can.


This is a difficult question but if I have to be really honest with you, I have to say that I miss Evert Molenaar most. He is the gorgeous man who actually built the soup kitchen in 2012. He is very generous, and I hope to see him again soon 😉

22 February 2016

New Colleague

We would like to introduce our new colleague Jasmine. She will be helping us with the social media and marketing of our foundation Friends of Kurland. Jasmine lives in The Crags and we have asked her to introduce herself. This is what she wrote down, straight from her heart . . .

Dear Readers and Followers, I would like to share a little something with you..

I am Jasmine Koopman, a permanent resident in Kurland Village. I am currently studying BEd at the University of Cape Town. I recently got into contact with Marc and Pieter and started working at the offices for Friends of Kurland.

As a permanent resident of our underprivileged village I’ve lived to see many things. The incredible high rate of poverty and how youngsters easily adapt to bad habits. It is terrifying, believe me. With that being said, our village rugby club helped a lot of youngsters staying of the streets. Friends of Kurland got actively involved into the sports, by supporting them financially. There was hope! That is not all, a few years back Friends of Kurland started an soup kitchen, run by a well-known lady in the village, Joyce Ghall. She devoted her life to these children and made sure they do not get hungry. The feeding scheme provides a full meal to every child who needs one. That’s kicking poverty in the face! Well done! Friends of Kurland helps the village with growth.

A small business with a few entrepreneurs started a few years ago, hoping their vision would be successful. These were very talented seamstresses. Unfortunately their dreams were shattered due to money irregularities. Three of the ladies stayed behind hoping for the better. Right now the business is up and running with the help of Friends of Kurland of course. There is still a few hiccups like finding sponsors for things such as material, sewing machines etc. which we hope will be resolved in the near future. So if you are in the village be sure to make a turn at the Ubuntu/Woman on the Move factory.

I can say with pride that Friends of Kurland is doing an exceedingly good job in uplifting and supporting our Village. I could not be more thankful.

I would like to thank every sponsor for their open hearts and the fact that they are not afraid to stick their hands into their pockets. I would also like to thank Marc for giving me the opportunity to be a part of helping my community, I will be thankful forever.

Lastly, I want to thank the man behind it all, Pieter van Rensburg, thank you big guy. You make hearts happy 🙂

Jasmine Koopman

25 December 2015

Christmas lunch in Kurland Village

Every child should experience joy and kindness during Christmas time but reality is that many do not even have a meal on Christmas. A group of Dutch travelers made it possible to show 100 children from Kurland village the true Christmas spirit by giving them a gift and wholesome lunch.

More information can be obtained from this newsletter:

Kerst Kurland Village


06 March 2015

Update about Cape Town fires

Since it has been in the news all over the world we would like to give you an update about the fires which have been raging in Cape Town from Sunday 01 March 2015.

From the City of Cape Town Safety & Security Executive Director Richard Bosman:

“Good morning All, we had an excellent night, no flare ups at all, ground crews still monitoring and working the 3 active areas in Clovelly, Boyes Drive and Constantia area, helicopter recce will be done early am to get a better picture and check on the Constantia area, we will be debriefing at 8am to direct our efforts today and review the nights actions. Last night for the first time in days no visible fires on the mountain, all one saw was the flicking red lights of the ground crew vehicles at the scenes they were busy tending. Great news”.

From Ingram Casey Southern African Director of Atta:
“All fire crews and volunteers remain on high alert with stronger winds expected over the next few days but for now the signs that the wild fire situation is under control are looking good. The majority of roads are open bar one or two (including Chapman’s Peak Drive) and visitors to Cape Town can expect to find major tourist areas of Cape Town open for business and pleasure as usual. Whilst large parts of the Table Mountain National Park have been damaged Table Mountain itself, Cape Point, Boulders Penguin Beach, Kirstenbosh Gardens and many other areas of outstanding beauty around Cape Town remain open and largely unaffected so there is no shortage of places to enjoy hikes and the great outdoors of the Cape”.

The vast majority of areas effected by fire form part of the protected Cape Floral Kingdom vegetation consists predominantly of several different types of the unique and rich Cape Fynbos which requires wild fires for regeneration so the parts of the mountain effected are expected to see a full recovery.

Tintswalo Atalantic Hotel on Chapmans Peak sadly was the only hotel destroyed by the fire along with a relatively small number of private property given the size and area covered by the fire. SATIB Atta’s insurance advisors have confirmed they are working with Tintswalo Atlantic and the plan is to recreate the hotel into an even more magnificent place than it was before.

The Cape Argus Cycle race the world’s largest timed cycle race with 35,000 participating cyclist will take place this Sunday 08th March but on a shortened course to avoid stretching the Southern Peninsulas emergency services any more than they have been this week.

Whilst some property has been damaged there has been no loss of human life or reports of serious injury. The overwhelming feeling from the Cape Peninsula is of solidarity and gratitude for the teams both professional and volunteer fighting the fires and supporting the firefighting efforts. Donations for the volunteer wildfire association can be made here  for anyone wondering how to help from afar.


18 February 2015

The beauty of southern Africa has been captured on film, made by Relais & Chateaux. Please take 4 minutes to enjoy these amazing footage!


28 May 2013

Safari Rally

March 2013 sees the start of our next long distance event in South Africa. A drive of three weeks through South Africa, Namibia and Botswana for Classic cars and 4×4’s. For those who are interested in competition sections there will be one or two a day, but if you prefer a gentle drive, there is the Safari class, which just visits the important controls.

Due to the nature of the countries we are passing through, and the limited high quality accommodation available, there are a strictly limited number of start places. Full information can be obtained from the website: